A selection of interesting material on ecological aspects of landscape and garden design.

1. Sustainable Sites Initiative - The Case for Sustainable Landscapes - pdf

2. SNH report - The role of horticulture in supporting biodiversity - pdf

3. Research on adaptation of butterflies in urban ecosystems - The Californian urban butterfly fauna is dependent on alien plants, by SHAPIRO, A.M. - pdf

4. Interesting research on the connection between retail district success and urban tree planting - RETAIL AND URBAN NATURE: CREATING A CONSUMER HABITAT by Wolf, K.L. - pdf

5. Great online journal - URBAN HABITATS - this page is a special edition on green roofs. - www.

6. This title speaks for itself, it contains interesting comments on green roofs - Paving Paradise: The Peril of Impervious Surfaces by Frazer, L. - www.

7. The online 'Horticulture' magazine with an article from 2002 giving a wee history lesson in the German approach to planting, written by Stephen Lacy. - www.

8. Andrew Chatto's research into the ecology of plants from across the globe now online - a great and welcome resource. - www.

9. A study on the 'Determinates of inner city butterfly and bee species richness' with interesting results and recommendations for urban designers. - pdf.

10. Very interesting article on the benefits of linking ecology with urban design - pdf.

11. Helpful research on ecological approaches to selecting new tree species for urban sites - pdf.

12. A Thesis on ecological selection of plants for extensive green roofs by Mathis Natvik - pdf.

13. J.P.Grime in the American Naturalist vol 111, No 982, a good place to start in understanding his C-S-R Theory - pdf.

14. An interesting study by Anna Chiesura revealing that 'urban nature fulfils important immaterial and non-consumptive human needs.' - pdf.

15. 'Are urban bird communities influenced by the bird diversity of adjacent landscapes?' Answer is not what you might expect and highlights that these relationships vary between taxonomic groups. - www. online Journal of Applied Ecology .

16. J. of Envi. Management, Study revealing some obvious but significant results on the indirect carbon emission reductions possible via good planting design - pdf.

17. J. - Envi. Pollution.(H. Akbari) Ok this study on the positive consequences of shade tree planting comes from sunnier climes but interesting figures none-the-less. - pdf.

18. Green infrastructure and how it effects cognitive function and health, also a great source article for other such material. - pdf.

19. Green Roof Growing Substrates: Types, Ingredients, Composition and Properties. An American article looking at the various recipes out there for green roof substrate. - pdf.

20. The Long Term Performance of Herbaceous Perennials by Noel Kingsbury in 'The Plantsman' from June 2011. - pdf.

21. 'The End of the Border?' A great article by Brita von Schoenaich in a '94 edition of 'Landscape Design' introducing the German approach to perennials in public spaces. - pdf. Scroll down her publications page to find this article.

22. 'Intentions for the Unintentional - Spontaneous Vegetation as the Basis for Innovative Planting Design in Urban Areas.' A rare english language article introducing this innovative approach. - pdf.

23. 'On The March' - A helpful piece by Noel Kingsbury in The Garden about the growth forms of vigorous spreading perennials and why understanding this helps us get beyond our fear of using them - pdf.